Sunday, 9 June 2013

Music to my ears #2

If you hadn't noticed I have added a little bit of writing to the right, my 'Song of the Day', which basically I update daily try to update whenever I can or whenever there's another song that I love, which can be every day although I have been known to play a song to death from the moment I hear it.

Here's some songs I've been loving recently...and there are a lot!

Frank Turner - The Way I Tend To Be (link here)
Recovery (link here)

Noah and the Whale - There will come a time (link here)

Imagine Dragons - Demons (link here)
 It's Time (link here)
On Top of the World (link here)

One Republic (link here)

The Lumineers - Ho Hey (link here)
Stubborn Love (link here)
Flowers in Your Hair (link here)

Flowers in Your Hair has been on repeat pretty much non stop. It's strongly in my top 10 favourite songs, I just wish it was a longer song.
I think I might make 'Music to my ears' a regular blog feature, just as a culmination of recent 'song of the day's. What do you think?

What songs have you been loving recently?

Music to my ears #1 (link here)