Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Autumn Bucket List

I saw this on Imogen's Blog Eloquence and Flair and thought it was a great idea!

Image: Weheartit

I take back what I've said before. I want Autumn to hurry up! I'm really, really, looking forward to everything Autumn has to offer - crisp mornings and an excuse to wear chunky jumpers, big boots, in fact Autumn fashion is really exciting me this year! I don't know what's changed my mind, a week or two ago I was having some serious separation issues with summer as this year it was amazing. 

Here are a few things I'm determined to do this season.

1.Be Lazy Whenever I get the chance I can guarantee I will be spending all day in bed, wrapped up in a blanket watching films and drinking hot chocolate. Even the thought is making me want to run upstairs and snuggle under the duvet.

Image: Weheartit

2. Go to Starbucks I seem to be the only person in the world who hasn't been to the 'amazing' Starbucks and by the sounds of it I'm missing out. I'm not a coffee drinker so I think I may just go for the odd hot chocolate or maybe I might just go for it and try a coffee. Whoa, living life on the edge here!

3. Start reading again I am the worst person for reading. I used to read all the time, I've even whizzed through a book in a matter of days! But alas, technology has distracted me. I have a stack of books just waiting to be read including the last few pages of A Fault in Our Stars. Yep, the one I started a few months ago. I've been putting off finishing it because I love it so much (there's logic in there, I swear).
If you have any recommendations please let me know :)

Image: WeHeartit

4.There will be pamper evenings galore! In the summer I find I can't enjoy pamper evenings, I feel guilty for wasting the sunshine but now the days are becoming shorter and shorter so no more guilt! I tell you now, so much money will be spent on Lush bath time goodies, nail polishes and face masks!

5. Actually do something for Halloween I'm a bit past the age now for Trick or Treating but I want to do more than just hand out sweets to children at the door. The next month will be spent dropping hints to my friends about a Halloween party as I would never in a million years be allowed to host one. Boo! (pun not intended)

Hopefully, one by one, they will all be checked off of the list. I can't wait for Autumn to properly begin.

What are you planning to do this Autumn?

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fashion Union Monochrome Wishlist

Hi everyone, today I'm posting about a new online clothing love of mine - Fashion Union. There is a competition running with Fashion Union and etail PR but this isn't an entry, if you are part of etail PR then you might of recieved an email earlier in the week but if not, check out this post

I spent ages scrolling through the Fashion Union Website and finally whittled it down to these 8 items. Gone is summer and with it all the bright, colourful clothes. I find that as the months get colder, clothes get duller which may not always be a good thing. But to put a positive spin on it - black and white goes with almost everything! Simple, bold and always in style.
I've chosen some tops that would look great on their own or worn with a snugly cardigan as, let's face it, it's starting to get a bit chilly. I love how the leather-look sleeves add something extra to the Dream Girl Tee. I'm also really into bold prints at the minute like the hearts on the Jumper and Sleeveless Top and I think if different colours were used there is a risk of them looking tacky or just not as good. I'm obsessed with boots at the minute, I already have 2 pairs and Autumn has barley started! This pair is still simple but gorgeous! 

What's your favourite clothing brand?x

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Thanks Kathryn! | Flora Crest Designs

If you've been subscribed to me for a while then I'm sure you would of noticed a difference on my blog. 

Ever since I first subscribed to Kathryn's blog, Effie, I was completely in love with her blog design. How gorgeous is her blog? Amazing, right?! 
I know my blog design has been like this for a few weeks but I wanted to wait for....

Flora Crest Designs to open!

Kathryn now has her own blog design shop! For brilliant prices, she offers a lot from social media buttons to the full blog design and there are even some lovely premade headers in the 'Shop' section.

"When I first saw Kathryn's blog I had real blog envy! So when I saw that she offered a blog design service I had to email her! I didn't really know how I wanted my blog designing but within a few days she had already designed a beautiful header! It only took just over a week to have the whole thing sorted! It has been a pleasure working with her and she is definitely the person I go to will all my tech-y troubles. I can't recommend Kathryn enough and for such a great price I can't see a reason why someone wouldn't want her designing their blog!"  
-taken from my testimonial on the 'Portfolio' page where you can see many other beautiful Flora Crest designs. 

Make sure you go and check out her blog and the Flora Crest Design Shop!

And thank you to Kathryn for my blog design, I love it!
What do you think of her designs? x