Monday, 4 November 2013

Chocolate-brownie-fudge-cake-thing- Hey I baked!

I'm not sure what category this post would fit into. Recipe? Maybe. Although,I think it may be just me being a little too smug about a sudden baking urge!

I love cake, probably a little too much, which is why I randomly though on Sunday night- 
'Hey, why not make cupcakes?'
I used the Channel 4 Plain Cupcakes Recipe  which is extremely easy to follow, even for an amateur such as myself. I also decided on a whim to make them chocolate flavoured...and add fudge pieces. This is where it could have gone horribly wrong and result in a complete waste of cake but no - some how I managed to guess about the right amount of cocoa powder to add to my concoction (50g if you're wondering). I didn't measure the amount of fudge pieces I used, I just kinda' chucked them in (Again, if you're wondering, I used the Silverspoon Cakecraft Mini Fudge Chunks).

As if I hadn't strayed from the recipe enough already, I put the mixture into a cake tin instead of cupcake cases, mainly because the cupcake cases were no where to be seen.
I think it stayed in the oven for about 15 minutes-ish. If in doubt just poke a metal skewer into the middle - if it comes out clean (or near enough if you like a gooey cake) then, hey presto, it's done!

I think it could look a bit more appetising..
This is the best picture I could get, I was a hungry girl with a chocolate cake in front of me, did you really think  it would last that long? In fact it only lasted a day after my family had tried some.

So there we have it. Odd, random post? Check. I think The Great British Bake Off has 'inspired' me to get out the mixing bowl and see what else I can create. This should be interesting...

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