Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Life lately & Happy New Year

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(Even though we are nearly a month in,this is my first post of the year so I guess Hello 2014!)

What's this? I'm actually posting something?! I have actually had this post saved in my drafts for weeks as I could never bring myself to finish it! I think from now on or for at least the foreseeable future, I won't be committing to anything blog related i.e. challenges where you have to post regularly like Blogmas- I messed that one up royally! For some reason I can never stick to what I promise blogwise, it's not that I just can't be bothered to post, I love writing and posting stuff but it's a matter of having something to write and the time to sit down and get everything I need. And my school's fondness for homework doesn't exactly help. 

With that aside, I am so sad that Christmas is over! After a whole festive month-long build up it has gone along with New Year's Eve and now we move miserably into the horrible part of winter. Yay.
 I LOVED Christmas. Just like every year at my Dad's, lots of family came round for a little get together on Christmas Eve which was great like always as we rarely get to see a lot of them . Next came Christmas Day - things were happening slightly differently this year as my Dad had worked a night shift on Christmas Eve and my Step-mum was working Christmas day so I spent the day with my Mum and her family and Boxing Day at my Dad's instead of the other way around. It was a great 2 days and not to sound cheesy but I can honestly say the best bit was spending time with my family....and two huge Christmas dinners. 

With 2013 done and dusted, for the first time I may make some resolutions with today being my starting point as I have already broken these numerous times.

1. Cut the junk
I am far from a healthy eater, I try my best but as a self confessed chocolate addict I can sometimes find it difficult to ignore the temptation. My diet really needs a complete shift as, in all seriousness, sometimes I do worry about my health. That sounds a little over the top but in the long run it will only help - it should also help my skin out no end!

2. Get organised
I think this may be a huge reason for my blogging disappearance as well, I think by getting homework out of the way ASAP will free up more time for me to write a post and give me more free time without 'write that essay' or 'do that revision' hanging over my head. 

Right now I can't think of any other main aims I would like to set myself this year but I'm sure I'll think of something. I think I have probably used the most 2 clich├ęd/over-used resolutions out there, aside from 'join a gym', which would be great but being too young to drive as of yet that isn't really possible.

Hope you enjoyed this extremely disjointed post - tomorrow I am planning to sort myself out so hopefully I be able to write something else (wow!)..
Hope your 2014 has been great so far! What have you got planned for the next month?


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