Monday, 17 August 2015

Hello Old Friends

It's been too long.

If I'm completely honest, I have no clue how to start this post, other than I've been a bad blogger. I commenced my little internet hobby over 2 years ago now with hopes of it growing and flourishing into something much more. That, however takes commitment - something I apparently do not have.

In my head, I had accepted that blogging was just not for me. I can never style my hair to Pinterest standard, or ace winged eye liner, and no matter how much I adore my phone, it is nothing compared to a professional camera. And I was fine with all of that, until I came across a collection of old emails. Emails that notified me of blog comments and twitter happenings; things that once made me proud of creating what I had.

I think what has really done it for me is to see blogs that were started around the same time as By Alex, and have evolved massively. The writers' passion for it has pushed them forward and has gained them the followers that they deserve - and quite rightly so.

This has brought me to a decision. I won't promise to regularly post, or at least not for now. I will probably not write about various make up products or cosmetics that have stood out to me throughout the month. What I can offer is what I enjoy. For me, this blog was a creative outlet and a place I could really enjoy writing. My favourite posts have always been those that were personal: music, memories, general life events, the day to day aspects that culminate as my life. 

I think from now on this blog will be taken in a different direction. Maybe a year-long hiatus is what it has taken to make me realise I'm not all that interested in beauty/fashion blogging, although that's not to say I will never write on these topics again. 

If you want to read these forthcoming posts then fabulous! They are here for anyone to enjoy, that is if anyone enjoys my rambling posts that never come to a point. I will probably continue to be a rubbish blogger, at least for some time as year 12 looms, and I will also be starting a job, attempting the Duke Of Edinburgh Award, and numerous other things. However I promise that I will try, and that is all I can promise.

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