Monday, 4 August 2014

Moments Like These

Moments like these are the moments I treasure. I love that being 200 miles away from home doesn't stop us from spending quality time with our closest friends and I love the memories created when we do.

This wasn't where we ate but we stayed in this small seaside town for the week and it is easily one of my favourite places in England.

We've spent the week in Dorset and coincidentally so were some friends of ours, and on Wednesday evening we arranged to meet up for dinner at  little pub/restaurant by the sea. It was beautiful. It felt like a whole world away from normality - for me, at the minute, home life is hectic and many things may not be how I'd ideally like however just one look out to sea and the stress wipes from my mind. To our left, rolling hills, continuing for miles and in all shades of green; below, a pebbled beach split by a shallow brook and to our right, the ocean. Our picturesque view had no sign of modern influence and it was refreshing to say the least. We talked for hours and shared laughs upon laughs; so much so I was genuinely sad when the evening came to an end and we all had to leave. Evenings like this make me think. They make me think about how much I appreciate having the people I do in my life, albeit not all family, but they certainly act like it. They make me think about how I could happily hug them and not let go until they removed me with force. They make me think about everyone and everything in a whole new light which apparently makes me produce mega cringey posts. At the end of the day, when I'm not at my happiest or simply having one of those days, it's moments like that which I will always remember and appreciate.

Made it this far? This is what happens when you mix me in with breath-taking scenery, enjoyable moments and time to think (always dangerous in my case). This holiday wasn't anything spectacular but that didn't make it any less enjoyable, my family has been coming here for years and hopefully will return for many years to come. 
What's your favourite memory?

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  1. What gorgeous scenery...I always love visiting the seaside, which is a rarity but what makes it so treasured! xx

    Emily | Lynde Avenue